Since the 2-year-old future king started preschool at Westacre Montessori in Norfolk, more people than ever are interested in the Montessori approach to education, so what is a Montessori education?

The Montessori Method

Norman Court Montessori aims to make the child’s first experience of school happy and stimulating.

The Montessori Method provides education for life and each child is considered as an individual. Our aim is to encourage the child’s natural development, as well as introducing social behaviour and good manners.

Our approach is child-centred, and the child is respected within the school’s special environment. Children are encouraged to develop and broaden their educational experiences in a caring and gentle atmosphere. This enables the child’s first steps in education to be enjoyable and inspiring.

The key components of the Montessori Method are the special qualities of the environment and the teacher.

The Montessori Curriculum is made up of core areas:

  • Practical Life/Skills for Everyday Living (Personal, Social and Emotional Development) 
  • Sensorial(Physical Development & Mathematics) 
  •  Mathematics(Mathematics) 
  • Communication, Language and Literacy(Communication and Language & Literacy) 
  •  Cultural(Understanding the World)  
  • Creative Development(Expressive Arts and Design) 
  • Physical Development(Physical Development)

These areas are supplemented with activities such as dance, music, French, mini gym, cookery and art and craft.

The Universal Characteristics of Childhood

  • All children want to learn, to investigate and find out. They enjoy active learning where they are involved as much as possible.
  • From birth to six years children have Absorbent Minds.
  • The qualities of early experiences influence self-construction and personality development.
  • Children pass through Sensitive Periods, which are periods of intense sensibility to a certain area of development or concept forming, for example, walking, writing and reading.

With these characteristics in mind, we encourage children to cultivate their own personality and individuality, as well as allowing natural development.

Norman Court is delighted to launch their new specialist Montessori Day Nursery website Our specialist approach and apparatus assist in the delivery of the highest quality education for the young child. We lay down foundations for future development and concentrate on every aspect of development, thus educating the whole child. Children learn to balance responsibility with freedom of choice. The emphasis is on self-discipline, self-esteem and co-operation.

Children foster a love for learning and develop at their own individual pace.

If you are interested in finding out more about us, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01980 322 322 or email