About us:

A Montessori start offers your child a sound and concrete base to their education. The child’s innate love of learning helps drive the Montessori and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, offering a rounded practical approach to learning. We use Montessori didactic materials that allow the child to learn in a hands on and fun way.

We observe children carefully and respond to the messages and signs that they give us through their play and interactions. We support and guide the children through a structured curriculum, adapting to their individual learning styles and preferences which leads to happy confident children ready to take on the world.

Our Ethos:

Norman Court School is an inclusive school that welcomes boys and girls from all backgrounds, abilities, faiths and ethnic groups.  The school has a Christian ethos.

Early Years Team

Milly Pearson

Jocelyn Redshaw

Emma Mundy

Abbie Lawson

Sarah Venters

Holly Taylor

Lesley Hunter

Emma Pemberton-Pigott

Liz Christopher

Katrina Prowse

Katie Weller

Emily Wakeman

Support Team

Maria Duda

Vicky McPike

Vicky Othen