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Norman Court CIC

is an outdoor education and activity centre set on the Hampshire/Wiltshire border. Our manor house with its beautiful and extensive grounds and facilities is nestled within 45 acres of woodland and countryside and provides the location for all of our services.

Our passion is Education and Learning for Life

Montessori Day Nursery

Our self contained Montessori Day Nursery offers flexible early years education for children aged from 6 months to 5 years. We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks of the year catering for parents who need reliable full time childcare. We also offer flexible, part time sessions including a term time only option. Children are taught in an environment which reflects their age and stage of development. Find out more.

Holiday Club

Our unique setting provides a safe environment for our Compass After School and Holiday Club. Here children are free to explore, under our team’s guidance, experiences such as making their first campfire, baking their first cake or building their first den.

Birthday Parties

Host a children’s party for those that love the outdoors and utilise our resident bushcraft expert for an unforgettable time.

Looking for a Montessori Nursery Wiltshire / Hampshire? Consider Norman Court Montessori Day Nursery

Norman Court Montessori Day Nursery offers flexible early years education for children aged from 6 months to 5 years. Our Montessori Day Nursery is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks of the year. Norman Court prides itself on being able to be able to cater for working parents who need reliable full-time childcare.

In addition to this we also offer flexible, part-time sessions including a term time only option. It is important to Norman Court and our Montessori values to ensure Children are taught in an environment which reflects their age and stage of development. Our staff are Montessori Trained and are equipped to prepare a rich learning environment where children can become independent, confident, willing and able to learn.

Only a parent can truly know what type of preschool education is right for their child. The Montessori Method is certainly an option and there is a lot of research and evidence supporting the techniques which seem to have been incorporated more and more by the mainstream nurseries. If you’re considering the Montessori Method for your child, you may want to consider the 10 benefits of the Montessori educational philosophy.

1. Focuses on the Child and their Key Developmental Stages 
For example, younger children focus on honing large muscle and language skills whereas 4 year olds work on fine-tuning motor skills and completing everyday activities such as independent eating, cooking, arts and crafts.

2. Encourages Co-operative Play
Children are encouraged to explore various stations within the Montessori Classroom and with no formal “running” of the classroom by the teacher this encourages them to share and work co-operatively. Due to this open and collaborative environment it allows the children to respect one another and build a sense of community.

3. Learning Is Child-Centred
The classroom and curriculum is designed around the children’s particular needs and abilities; allowing them to explore and learn at their own pace.

4. Children Naturally Learn Self-Discipline
Although the learning environment is free and open there are fundamental “ground rules” which are consistently re-enforced by the teacher and other students. These ground rules help promote skills such as concentration, self control and motivation.

5. Classroom Environment Teaches Order
Children have an innate need for an orderly environment and the Montessori is designed to cater for this need. Down to the toys, objects and activities having precise locations, which must be placed back in their appropriate places but the activities, ensure that creativity is encouraged and not stunted.

6. Teachers Facilitate the Learning Experience
Teachers in a Montessori Classroom are to remain unobtrusive and do not determine the pace of the classroom as this is left up to the individual student. They are there as guides to facilitate the learning experience.

7. Learning Method Inspires Creativity
Children choose their own activities and work at tasks for the joy of the work focusing more on the process than end result. This process promotes their natural creativity rather than prohibiting it.

8. May be More Effective in Developing Certain Skills
There are many studies on the Montessori Method. According to one study “Five-year-old Montessori pupils were better prepared for reading and maths, and 12-year-olds wrote significantly more creative essays using more sophisticated sentence structures.” (source)

9. The Method is highly tailored and focuses on the Individual Child
Rather than inflicting the same rate on every child in the classroom, children are allowed to explore activities and concepts at their own pace which they are comfortable with.

10. Curriculum Focused on Hands-On Learning
Children learning the Montessori Way are encouraged to learn by touching, feeling and doing and this is arguably one of the biggest benefits and distinguishing factors of Montessori compared to classical educational approaches. The teacher will also encourage the children not to interrupt each other during their tasks and activities until they’ve mastered their new skill.

We’ve written more about this wonderful method here but at Norman Court what truly matters to us is that your child’s first experience of education and school is one that is happy and stimulating; ultimately contributing to them becoming a well-round individual with the necessary social skills to cope with every day and good manners.

Please come and visit to find out for yourselves.

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