To help allay any fears you might have about your child starting school I have pulled together a checklist of five useful points which may help with the move to ‘big’ school.

  1. Prepare your child for primary school. Tell your child what to expect from school but don’t oversell it. Most children like school and have great fun however you must also warn them gently that they may get tired and if they have any problems or feel sad they should tell their teacher. If possible, meet your child’s Reception teacher. Read your child bedtime stories in which the characters are starting school, such as Busy School by Melanie Joyce.
  2. Visit the school with your child before they start so it’s not an unfamiliar environment on their first day. If your child hasn’t been to the school’s nursery and doesn’t have siblings at the school, make sure he or she sees the school before starting so they know what to expect. Many schools do set up ‘taster’ sessions for the new September intake: don’t worry, they won’t start grading your child’s reading level or anything; it’s just a little look-and-play in the classroom, so your child doesn’t have to walk into a totally unfamiliar room on their very first day.
  3. Teach your children ‘life skills’. At school, children need to do things for themselves that you may have been doing for them at home – in fact, most parents do a shocking amount for their children at home. Realistically, teachers can’t change every child into their PE kit so, ideally, you should teach your child to get dressed and undressed before they start school. Every little bit of independence helps.
  4. Recognising Letters and Numbers. Given the fact that the children will be embarking on a phonics reading programme almost immediately, it’s helpful if your child is already familiar with the alphabet. The same applies to maths and the numbers one to 20. There are lots of excellent alphabet and number books, such as Alphabet and Counting by Alison Jay and ABC by Quentin Blake.
  5. School sitting. When your child starts school, they will have to sit still or at least remain seated for short periods of time. This can be a lot harder for boys than girls. Calm time spent with your child playing games, doing jigsaw puzzles or just drawing and painting helps.

Reception Taster Morning

Wednesday 1st March 2017 – 9.30am-11.30am

We would like to invite your preschoolers to spend the morning in Reception on Wednesday 1st March from 9.30am – 11.30am.

There will be a range of activities for them to take part in. Your children will enjoy exploring our stimulating and engaging environment, will take part in a Kodaly music workshop and delve into the forest to discover the challenging learning opportunities it holds.

From 11.30am – 12.30pm parents are invited to join our specialist staff team for coffee and a chat.

Please email to book your place



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