We would like to introduce My Montessori Child, a pioneering new software that helps Montessori settings to deliver the best possible educational experience for young children. The software, developed in collaboration with several Montessori Nursery Schools in London, is now also used by Norman Court.


My Montessori Child comprises two parts: (1.) an iPad based wireless system for teachers to use on a daily basis in the classrooms and adjacent play areas, and (2.) a secure website that parents can access at any time from any web connected computer. Please note that no part of the system is designed for use directly by any child.


The teachers’ My Montessori Child systems runs on Apple iPad, which as you probably know are hand held tablet computers with wireless Internet connection and built in cameras. When practitioners observe a child engaged in an activity, their observation notes and a photo are recorded via the ipad. They are then able to review their collective observations to ensure that each child’s development is properly supported in accordance with both Montessori principles and the governments Early Years Foundation Stage. The system also suggests new learning activities and allows teachers to plan what activities to offer the children next.


The parents’ My Montessori Child website will be updated regularly with these same child observation notes and photos. You will enjoy seeing your child’s self-directed development as recorded by the teachers in words and pictures. Please note that passwords ensure that no other parents can see information about your child. The site also keeps you up to date with the class topics currently under study and suggests ideas for things you can do at home to support your child’s learning at school. The website has notices posted for parents by Norman Court and lots of useful information, plus a simple online form that you can use to write to us on any non-urgent matter.


The My Montessori Child system is secure and fully encrypted. The iPads and teachers identities are checked every time they log in. No unauthorised person will see your child’s data or photos at any time. When your child starts at Norman Court we will ask you for permission on shared observations and give you the option to have your details visible for other parents – these are only visible to parents at Norman Court and you can use them to contact other parents for play dates etc.