Welcome to Norman Court School

Norman Court Life is exciting, unique, and designed to ensure that our pupils leave us ready for an ever changing dynamic world.


Welcome to Norman Court School

If we are lucky, life is long; but childhood is short and here at Norman Court we cherish every moment. Every decision we make, every discussion we hold and every way in which we expend our professional energy, is for the children. Their happiness, health and well-being are of paramount importance to us – because we know that happy children feel confident, confident children work hard and anyone who works hard can achieve great things.

If I were asked to describe a ‘typical’ Norman Court child I would find it challenging precisely because at Norman Court we celebrate the individual character of each and everyone one of us. We don’t set a blueprint which everyone should follow; we watch and we listen to the natural rhythms of childhood and we encourage our students to develop a strong sense of their own identity and a feeling of self-worth.

We don‘t ask ‘How smart is your child?’, we ask ‘How is your child smart?’ because we know there are myriad ways in which talent and proficiency are revealed, as children navigate their own route through infancy, childhood and adolescence.

Natural curiosity, creativity and a sense of awe and wonder about the world are in abundance here and our school buzzes with an infectious enthusiasm for learning.  Ours is a daring, adventurous education and I am always heartened by the children’s unlimited stamina and insatiable desire for ‘doing new things’.

We believe that all children have tremendous potential and our job is to offer as many opportunities and adventures as we can in which our students may come to find their element.

Achieving what you want in life is almost always possible; the difficult part is knowing what you want in the first place. At Norman Court, we offer our students time and space to discover what motivates them and set themselves ambitious goals.

Space is a central theme here; we are very fortunate to learn and play together in idyllic surroundings and impressive, spacious buildings, but there is also space forged in the relationships between our staff and students: a two-way dialogue in which space is made for children to express their thoughts, feelings and burgeoning opinions as they learn to orientate themselves in the world around them.

Andrew Hammond

Andrew Hammond

Our school is built firmly on love and mutual respect. These are the foundations for good learning, for strong, academic progress and for the creative, physical, social and emotional development that our students demonstrate to us every day. They are a joy to be with and I would relish the opportunity to introduce them to you.

Andrew Hammond


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