The Trustees are contactable via the School Address (Community Interest Company Registered Address) listed above and below.

Susan Hartley-Raven

Mike Mordecai

Nick Syme

Barbara Isaacs

Guy Robinson


Liam Cooke

Sofie Lewis

Nicola McKeown

Harriet Gilmore-Olive

Rachel Alderman

Hannah Collins

Laura Wurzer

Ashley Barker

John Ritchie

James Hibberd

Head of Outdoor Hub – Charlotte Robertson

Early Years Team

Milly Pearson – Head of Nursery

Catriona Sempala-Ntege

Emily Stump

Jocelyn Aitken

Emma Mundy

Charlotte Wilson

Sarah Venters

Support Team

Maria Duda

Kelly Knight

Vicky McPike

Vicky Othen

Peter Gollop