Sending your child to nursery is one of the biggest steps you will have to make as a parent. It can be a very sensitive time, but nursery can have a positive and long-term impact on children’s capabilities, progress and social development. Many parents feel guilty about leaving their children in nurseries however a study carried out by the University of London, and published in summer 2013, found that children who had spent three years or more in nursery education could advance their academic attainment by up to a year over those whose parents kept them at home until the age of five. Here are some of the benefits of sending your child to Nursery:

Nursery prepares your child for school

A nursery environment prepares your child for their school years. It is the stepping-stone needed to enjoy a smooth transition from being at home full time, to at school with children their own age. Nursery also helps children attain the social skills they need to build relationships with others and thrive in the school environment.

Improves social skills:

Children love being around other children and nursery is the perfect place for them to socialise. Learning to participate in activities and play co-operatively with others will greatly improve their social skills and give them confidence. Toddlers get a lot out of being with other children. Nothing that you can do can make up for the excitement that other children provide. Developing these social skills is of great importance and is likely to result in children being much happier when starting school.

Knowledge of the Nursery Staff

One often under-utilised resource is the vast knowledge the Nursery staff have. Many have trained for years to work with children. Nursery practitioners witness the behaviour of our children from a completely different perspective and through experience can be relied upon to offer advice and opinion on their development of our children.

Gives children a sense of independence

Nursery is probably the first time your child will be away from you for any length of time. Whilst this is a big step for you both, you have to remember that it will actually be really good for your child to spend a little time away from you. It will give them a sense of independence and allow them the opportunity to make other relationships, which is incredibly important to their well-being.

Parents benefit too……

And let’s not forget the advantages for the parent. Having your child in a playgroup or nursery – even if it is only a few hours a week – gives you some valuable time to yourself. Parents feel more relaxed after having a break from their children, which can only be a good thing for parent and child.

Norman Court Montessori is a fantastic setting but please don’t just take my word for it, come and see yourself. Our Nursery is open 51 weeks per year from 8am – 6pm. For more information or to book a showaround please call 01980 322 322 or email